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Endeavour Partners aims to use its expertise in ­­­Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to help global organizations create value and prosperity.


We focus on two areas of advisory work: Information, Communication, and Technology Strategy and ICT Legal Expert work.

Strategically, we help high-level decision makers simplify complex problems to elicit innovative, simple, and customer-focused solutions through technology. Our specialty is finding where, when, and how to position client resources to attain the biggest return on investment. Over the past twenty-five years, we have refined our process through work with firms that produce leading technologies and Fortune 500 companies looking to harness technology to energize their business.

In the courts, our industry and tech expertise allows us to work as experts on legal cases for firms that comprise the ICT ecosystem. Our clients use us as expert witnesses to protect their intellectual property from patent infringement and potential theft of trade secrets and to defend their business practices. Endeavour Partners works on public interest cases in front of the International Trade Commission, patent and trade secret cases in U.S. District Courts, and with the Department of Justice on anti-trust disputes.

Approach and differentiation

At the core of all Endeavour Partners’ work is a fundamental understanding of systems thinking and systems design. We come equipped with core understandings into customer-business systems, human behavioral systems, product systems, organizational systems, business ecosystems, and technological systems.

With a strategy and technology focus backed-up by industry, academic, and innovation experience, our leadership excels in creating and recognizing demand opportunities, developing business ecosystems, and predicting technological innovation and adoption more accurately, with greater agility, and deeper insight than our competitors. We design solutions that solve our clients’ problems and their customers’ problems.

Endeavour Partners' Value Proposition

For many companies, technology and digital transformation is both a known problem and an unknown opportunity.

For Endeavour Partners, technology and digital transformation is an known opportunity. Moreover, technology-led disruption is a problem we have been solving for over twenty-five years as our clients' trusted partners.

The majority of clients hire Endeavour Partners because it offers creative, pragmatic solutions that provide foresight, insight, and drive value and prosperity.

With the robust Information, clear Communications, and deep Technology expertise we provide, you can rest assured that your business and your company will have a trusted partner to greet the future.

Statement on equality and protection in our workplace

Endeavour Partners values and supports equality in the work place in terms of both salary protection/provision.

First, regarding salary: Endeavour Partners has repeatedly confirmed that we have equality across our whole stack, and we make this a priority in our hiring process. Our commitment to equality extends beyond just salaries and includes our parental leave benefit, giving men and women equal full pay leave upon arrival of a child.

Second, regarding protection from sexual harassment and providing a safe and affirming work environment: Endeavour Partners is proud to support the NEVCA pledge, and we have made a similar commitment ourselves.


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Endeavour Partners knows about the importance of trust in advisory work. That’s why we focus on getting to know our clients and making sure our clients know us. Whether you have questions related to our firm, our strategy work, or our work on legal cases, contact us to schedule a brief call.

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