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Demand opportunity. Business ecosystems.


Our approach

Endeavour Partners approaches all problems from first principles — what do we know about the world. And then we employ our numerous frameworks developed and honed over twenty-five years of business, strategy, and technology work to understand how the situation has unfolded and to predict how the future will unfold going forward.

Endeavour Partners works iteratively, agilely, and collaboratively with our clients.

We make sure we are able to articulate the solution in a simple and easily digestible manner for top management.

The process sounds easy, but it's not — and that is why we love it. 

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demand opportunity

A demand opportunity describes customers’ potential desire for a good or service and is applicable to established or new markets.  Accurately understanding the Total Addressable Market, the Serviceable Addressable Market, and predicting our clients’ potential Share of Market is the bedrock upon which Endeavour Partners has built its company.

Endeavour Partners understands the difference between a market and a demand opportunity. Moreover, we have a quarter century advising our clients on how to detect, measure, and make data-driven decisions to strategically manage and to capture value from demand opportunities.

Endeavour Partners knows the strategic, managerial, and innovation challenges that come with trying to harness a new opportunity.


Business ecosystem

Business ecosystems are networks of organizations — competitors, complementors, enablers, partners, and supply chain — that are needed to build a product, service, or solution.

Understanding how ecosystems function, evolve, and add value is necessary to make the right strategic move or to understand how a market has evolved over time.

With the exception of James F. Moore, the author of "The Death of Competition,” few people are as well versed as Endeavour Partners in the strategic importance and the business implications of understanding business ecosystems.

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Technical architecture and innovation

Technical architecture is the infrastructure underlying products and services. Whether it be how to use technology to build a product, service, or solution, or to increase productivity and efficiency, managers must make informed decisions about which technologies already exist and the innovation trajectory of how competing technologies evolve.

Every technology has its own innovation trajectory, and Endeavour Partners has honed its ability to understand how technologies will evolve — from silicon components to smartphones.

Understanding how the world will evolve through a technical lens enables our clients to differentiate their products, innovate faster and more accurately, and create and capture new sources of value.

We didn’t have the money so we had to think.
— Ernest Rutherford