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Core strategy

Due diligence

Endeavour Partners brings a robust Due Diligence practice to our clients. We've advised tens of billions of dollars of M&A, incubation, and investments in technology firms. Endeavour Partners' foresight, insight, and guidance offers data-driven reassurance that our clients are making sound strategic investments that will create value for their businesses and prosperity for their shareholders and employees going forward.


Endeavour Partners has a long history of helping business leaders understand how to best bring an innovative solution to market to ensure customer adoption and a positive Return on Investment. Customers are increasingly becoming more demanding and empowered, and their level of expectations are changing. With our robust understanding in user behavior, technical evolution, and business experience, Endeavour Partners is able to advise clients on how to make products that stand out.

Platform strategies

It's no longer enough to develop great products. As products, services, and platforms increasingly involve into ecosystems, companies must understand user behavior, competition and complements, and the technological implications of any given strategy, and in particular, platform strategies.

Endeavour Partners understands how platform strategies can be used to increase efficiency, to optimize solution development and to create demand opportunities.

technology product development

Agile management, SCRUM, Minimum Viable Products may be buzzwords in the technology field and at our competitors consulting shops, but these innovative concepts guide how Endeavour Partners works iteratively, advises clients, and enables technology product development efficiently and on target for our clients.

Endeavour Partners advises clients to achieve faster successes more accurately and more quickly than our clients have experienced before working with us.

Breakthrough strategy

Corporate innOvation and transformation

Endeavour Partners offers its clients an independent and 'outside-in' view of their businesses. Endeavour Partners brings expertise on how to drive innovation and how a company can succeed in today's asymmetrically-competitive world. A Porterian-based strategy built upon Porter's five forces is no longer enough to 'win'. Companies must anticipate, navigate, and innovate constantly to be the 'winners' of the digital transformation.

Customer discovery

A sound understanding of what customers need versus what they say they want is is necessary to craft a successful solution. Endeavour Partners brings a tried-and-true approach to empathic observation and independent customer discovery that protects our clients from biases and solution development mistakes.

demand opportunity

Being able to spot trends before they happen doesn’t make us psychic, it makes us effective. Endeavour Partners is able to use its academic, industry, and business networks combined with frameworks we’ve crafted over years to predict how markets will evolve. We craft innovative solutions to your customer's pain-points.

Our strategic recommendations have helped clients capture new pockets value by understanding where demand will be — before it develops.

Executive education and capabilities Development

Incumbent companies and executives have built their organizational knowledge over decades of experience in an analog world.

Today, however, we live in 'singular' world where the digital and the physical overlap in ways few could have imagined a decade ago.

Endeavour Partners works with leading management of global organizations to educate employees and develop digital capabilities to compete in the new world and the new way of doing business.

IP and industry expert

Domestic Industry

Endeavour Partners has a uniquely broad perspective on the technology, business, and customers of the mobile and communications industry.  We understand technology as engineers, business as managers, and user behavior as seasoned analysts. Endeavour Partners offers analysis of the extent to which domestic business activity commercializes asserted intellectual property.


Endeavour Partners consists of experienced engineers, executives, and experts in understanding customer demand.   Our breadth and depth of experience empowers us to offer comprehensive opinions on the inner workings of the Information and Communications Technology industry with insights that few can match.

Our experience includes analysis of competitive motivations, business decisions, and more within the mobile networks, mobile services, and mobile device industries.

Patent and Technical

Endeavour Partners offers clients a full range of patent and technical analysis services.  

We have assisted in standard-setting, conducting prior art searches, patent and other technical litigation, and commercial arbitration.  

Our areas of expertise includes patent portfolios, mobile networks, communications standards (LTE, GSM, CDMA, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.), mobile devices and their components (RF, audio, silicon, circuits etc.), robotics, software, and systems analysis.

Public Interest

Endeavour Partners understands the value of intellectual property and the extent to which consumers and the broader economy rely on technology.  Endeavour Partners offers analysis of how remedies, exclusion orders, and injunctions could impact the public interest of the United States.  Endeavour Partners utilizes its experience with manufacturing, supply chains, downstream products, business ecosystems, and customer behavior to give comprehensive and well-founded analysis on impacts to the public interest. 

We have experience analyzing the impact on the public interest mobile devices, mobile networks and services, components and more throughout the broader telecommunications industry.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
— Alan C. Kay