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We understand technology

Endeavour Partners understands technology: its design, its development, its innovation trajectory, its adoption, and its drawbacks.

Whenever we study a certain technology solution, or how technologies interact with each other, we bring to bear this deep understanding and framework to all of our clients' problems.

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artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is real, it's here, and the time to incorporate it into your business is now.

Whether it's to operate your business more efficiently or to drive innovative customer solutions, Endeavour Partners is active in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem (including: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and 'Big Data and Analytics') and can help your organization sort through the 'noise' to make intelligent strategic decisions.

autonomous, collaborative robots

Automation and robotic technologies have widespread implications for Insurance, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, and Education. In fact, automation and collaborative robots are changing the way work is completed and how business operate at scale across the globe. Understanding how these systems can optimize the operations of your business and allow you to focus on driving new value from products and services may be the differing between value creation and value destruction.


Few technologies have been heralded as 'game changing' as often as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Yet, even fewer have suffered from such unclear standards, overlapping and over-abundant platforms, and confusion around how the technology will be applied.

Endeavour Partners understands how to navigate IoT’s uncertainty as the ecosystem grows and innovates to produce long-term results.

mobile technologies

In the last thirty years, mobile technologies have transformed the way consumers interact with each other, consume and produce content, find information, do work, move through the world, and entertain themselves, etc.

Endeavour Partners has been at the epicenter of the mobile and digital revolution building, studying, and advising the very systems and companies that architected the products, services, and platforms that changed the fabric of our lives.

Understanding how these technologies continually evolve and satisfy consumer demand will separate the companies that continue to create and capture value and those that do not.


The modular cloud has fundamentally changed how consumers (customers and enterprises) interact with technology, businesses, innovation, work, etc.

From changing business models, for example, moving from CapEx to OpEx, to enabling asymmetric competition and 'creative destruction'; the modular cloud is at the foundation of evolving user behavior, changing business ecosystems, and technology-enabled solutions.

Endeavour Partners has advised and architected modular cloud solutions across the mobile ecosystem for proprietary and open solutions.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke